Strategic Partners

Awareity’s Founder and Prevention Specialist, Rick Shaw, recently partnered with other prevention leaders to form the non-profit, First Preventers, and the first of its kind, First Preventers Program.

The First Preventers Program empowers schools, higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, and communities to prevent more incidents and tragedies.

The First Preventers Program complements your First Responders program(s) to give you both “offense and defense” to create safer environments.

Dr. James Cawood & Cawood Assessment Grids

Dr. Cawood is President of Factor One which is a California based corporation specializing in violence risk assessment and management, threat assessment, behavioral analysis, security consulting, and investigations. He created the Cawood Assessment Grids as a way for Behavioral Intervention Teams and Threat Assessment Teams to improve the way reports are assessed, investigated, and responded to ongoing.

Securable Alternatives, LLC

Securable Alternatives, LLC is a privately owned business that presents and provides Alternative safety and security Futures to clients in the K-12 / Higher Education, Retail, and Government space.

The Justice and Security Institute (JSI)

The Justice and Security Institute’s experienced practitioners and educators develop cutting edge training and conduct advanced research to help public and private institutions better protect their infrastructure, assess risk, and prevent acts of violence.

Interested in becoming a strategic partner? Let us know!