Since Columbine in 1999, many government agencies, experts, and authors have been searching for the “profile of mass shooters”, however the data has shown the “profile of mass shooters” does not exist.

Also since Columbine in 1999, I have been researching hundreds and hundreds of shootings in schools, colleges, workplaces, and public spaces to understand why prevention efforts failed and looking for the “profile of failed preventions”.  Data validates the “profile of failed preventions” does exist.

What is the Profile of Failed Preventions?

After every mass shooting (as well as other incidents like workplace violence, domestic violence, school violence, suicides, drug overdoses, human trafficking, bullying, etc.), ask the following questions:

  • Did the at-risk individual(s) exhibit pre-incident indicators (warning signs, concerning behaviors, suspicious activities, leakage, etc.) and did other people (sources) observe the pre-incident indicators and report them to one or more incident reporting options?
  • Were resources (first preventers) available from the organization and community (and outside the community) who could have taken pre-incident intervention and prevention actions if they had been engaged, equipped, and empowered to see all of the pre-incident indicators from all the different sources and incident reporting options?
  • Did silos, gaps, disconnects, and blind spots exist that prevented the appropriate organization and community resources from taking proactive intervention and prevention actions?
  • Did law enforcement (first responders) know about the pre-incident indicators, but were limited in the actions they could take because the pre-incident indicators were not a crime?

Fixing the Profile of Failed Preventions

The Awareity First Preventers Prevention Platform and strategies was the first of its kind to fix the common and dangerous “profile of failed preventions”.  20+ years of data and lessons learned expose how the “profile of failed preventions” problem is fixable, and the First Preventers Prevention Platform has been delivering impressive pre-incident prevention results since 2012 in schools and since 2016 in communities.

The data from thousands of incidents exposed what was missing and critically needed to eliminate the silos, gaps, disconnects, blind spots, and numerous other barriers with collecting, funneling, secure information sharing, assessing, and connecting all the dots to intervene and prevent more incidents rather than respond to more incidents. Way too many preventable incidents and far too many innocent lives of children and adults have been taken from loved ones, because recurring problems were not being fixed. In addition to lost lives we see lost futures, lost reputations, loss of trust, soaring costs of lawsuits, and numerous other costly consequences that can impact communities and people for the rest of their lives. This is because the “profile of failed preventions” exists in nearly every school, college, workplace, and community and we see validations almost every day in news headlines.

Near Misses Are Indicators of A Profile of Failed Preventions

If you have experienced incidents and near misses where you found out after an incident that the at-risk individual(s) were known because they exhibited pre-incident indicators and other people (sources) observed and reported them, but the right resources and team members were NOT aware of all of the pre-incident indicators that could have been utilized to intervene and prevent, this validates you are missing the First Preventers Prevention Platform.

Real pre-incident prevention successes since 2012 in schools and 2016 in communities can help you get ahead of the curve and help you move your pre-incident prevention efforts beyond conventional efforts that clearly are not keeping pace with record levels of shootings, other incidents, and liabilities.

Act today, don’t wait for a tragedy or crime to occur, contact me now to schedule a meeting.