Ask These Questions After Each Incident and Tragedy

Has this ever happened to you?

You are responding to an incident or tragedy, and you find out other people were aware of pre-incident indicators, but you and your team did not know what others knew?

Most responses I hear are yes all the time or yes every day!

After an incident or tragedy in your school, organization, or community or when you see an incident or tragedy in the news – ask these questions.

  • Were there pre-incident indicators?
  • Were there incident reporting options in place?
  • Were there safety teams/resources in place?
  • Were there policies and training in place?
  • Were there security cameras, locks, alarms, etc.?
  • Were there law enforcement resources?

Based on 20+ years of research and thousands of incidents, the answer to each question is:  Yes, more than enough. More than enough indicators, incident reporting options, teams, resources, policies, training, security, law enforcement, and more… but preventable incidents keep happening.

So, do you know what is missing?

Not knowing what is missing puts people at risk. Not knowing what is missing leads to costly liabilities.

When you don’t know what you don’t know and don’t know what others know, bad things can happen.

To know what research has exposed and to know what successes have validated, contact me to set up an information sharing call to discuss your situations, challenges, and needs.

With so many people crying out “enough is enough” and “this must stop”, adding more of what already exists is clearly not the solution and you will get more of the same outcomes.

Enough is enough, let me share what you need to know to make your organization and community safer, more united, and more proactive in preventing more incidents before they occur.