As part of their No Such Thing as a Bully program and ongoing school safety efforts, Macklin School in Saskatchewan has launched TIPS, a web‐based incident reporting, incident management and prevention platform from Awareity.

Students, staff, parents and community members all share the responsibility to create and maintain a safe school environment. TIPS equips Macklin School personnel to become aware of concerning behaviors and risk factors which may be harmful to the school environment and the community.

If someone has information about activities that warrant concern for the safety of students, faculty or staff, the individual can simply access TIPS from the Macklin school’s website and anonymously (or non‐anonymously) report bullying, cyber bullying, weapons possession, drug/alcohol use, aggression, school vandalism, physical assault, threats of violence, suicide risk, social exclusion and other concerning behaviors.

Then once as soon as the incident report is made, the appropriate personnel from Macklin School, as well as local police or other local resources, are automatically notified and prevention efforts are securely tracked and documented to ensure accountability and legal defensibility, as well as ongoing monitoring of at‐risk situations.

TIPS is a comprehensive and proven platform for safety and threat assessment teams to coordinate intervention and response efforts to more effectively connect the dots and prevent preventable incidents.

“TIPS is helping Macklin become more aware of student safety concerns and at‐risk behaviors within the community. When a report comes in, administration can immediately investigate the incident and take the necessary steps towards a proactive intervention. As the first school in Canada to take advantage of TIPS, we are proud to be leading the way in PREVENTION vs. only reactionary efforts like security guards and locked doors,” said Principal Cecilia Leibel.

Leibel also plans to take advantage of the Awareness Vault in TIPS to securely share the school’s crisis plans, as well as student behavior reports with appropriate school personnel.

The TIPS platform is being used in numerous school districts in the US and Canada to identify, intervene and effectively prevent threatening behaviors, while improving ongoing awareness and accountability and significantly reducing costs associated with meetings, training and documentation. The most comprehensive incident management platform available today, TIPS has been implemented by a wide‐range of schools including small K‐5 private schools, rural public schools and large public schools with over 40,000 students and colleges too.

About Awareity:
Awareity helps leading organizations prevent the preventable and transform the status quo. Awareity is reinventing the way schools improve safety and helping organizations prevent regulatory failures, compliance fines, lawsuits, privacy breaches, safety disconnects, operational challenges, ethical lapses, incident reporting failures, workplace violence and more. Awareity offers an innovative and cost‐effective prevention platform to connect the dots, eliminate embarrassing gaps and realize a better bottom line.

Katie Johnson