Are security cameras making organizations safer?

Security cameras have been utilized for many years and because of mounting incidents and tragedies (and growing terrorism concerns) around the world, organizations are installing more and more security cameras. As the number of security cameras have increased, are incidents and tragedies decreasing at the same ratio?

Sadly, most organizational leaders are not connecting the dots with what security cameras were designed to do, can do and cannot do.

Connecting the dots…

A security camera’s primary function is to record what happened, record forensics that can be analyzed after an incident (bullying, workplace violence, robberies, drug deals, assaults, shootings, etc.) occurred.

When it comes to SAFETY, what is your primary goal? Is it safer to record what happened so you have forensics or is it safer to prevent incidents and tragedies from happening?

When it comes to SAFETY, everyone agrees the goal should be preventing incidents and tragedies and the secret weapon for a safer 2015 is “walking talking social media cameras”.

Do you know what “walking talking cameras” are? They are PEOPLE!

Do you know what “walking talking social media cameras” can do that security cameras can’t do? They can report (voice or online) pre-incident indicators, warning signs and concerning behaviors in real time as they observe them in person and on social media web sites.

Hundreds of lessons learned and post-incident reports reveal pre-incident indicators, warning signs, concerning behaviors and social media clues were almost always (if not always) observed BEFORE incidents and tragedies actually occurred.

So if people are observing pre-incident indicators, warning signs and concerning behaviors, but organizations are not preventing those incidents and tragedies – then clearly organizations are not utilizing their “walking talking social media cameras” and they have limited threat assessment capabilities. (see related blog)

Significant benefits and advantages of utilizing “walking talking social media cameras” include:

• They already exist…you do not have to get budget approval to buy them
• They cost significantly less than “purchasing, installing and connecting” security cameras
• They see and hear “pre-incident indicators” where security cameras do not exist
• They see “pre-incident indicators” on Social Media where security cameras do not exist

A safer 2015 means saving lives, saving futures, saving reputations, saving your budget, preventing lawsuits, preventing embarrassing incidents, preventing expensive tragedies and more…learn how to start using your “walking talking social media cameras” here.