Evil is immoral, wrong, sinful, corrupt, vicious, malicious, malevolent, vile, hateful, and bad.

Terrorism, rape, racism, murders, drug dealing, pedophilia, harassment, etc. are all the acts of Evil Doers.

Calling incidents (like the ones above and others) Acts of Evil would eliminate most of the arguing among politicians, media, activists, and others on whether an incident was a hate crime or not, an act of terrorism or not, gang violence or not, racism or not, domestic violence or not, bullying or not, etc.

Calling these types of incidents Acts of Evil would eliminate confusion and make it easier for Good People to work together towards identifying Evil Doers and PREVENTING Evil.

Notice… I did not say eliminating Evil… that will probably never happen.  But we know from evidence-based data that Community Members (employees, students, family, friends, neighbors, community resources, social media community, etc.)  almost always observed pre-incident indicators BEFORE the Acts of Evil were committed – which means PREVENTING Evil is almost always possible if Good People are equipped with the right tools to do the right things.

Disrupting Evil requires Disruptive Innovation and Human Intelligence – if you are interested in learning more about Disruptive Innovation and Human Intelligence and how they are working together to Prevent Evil… click here now.