What is more important and more valuable than a student’s life?  What is more important than an employee’s life? What is more important than any human life?

Cameras to record the violence? A PC for every student? A football game? Coffee for Faculty/Staff? Hundreds of other lower priority purchases?  None of these are more important or more valuable than a human life, yet Education Leaders continue to fund hundreds of projects BEFORE funding is invested in proven strategies and tools for saving the lives and saving futures of students and others.

How many more lives must be lost and futures ruined before Education Leaders adapt and realize they don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to saving lives and futures?

Education Leaders say student safety is their top priority, but the actions of Education Leaders and the falling results in student performance and increasing violence and tragedies expose how Education Leaders are failing their students.  Education Leaders need to adapt and quit talking and start delivering real student safety.  Education Leaders need to know what their “EARLY ADOPTER” colleagues know! (see EARLY ADOPTERS below)

It is time to stop the madness and stop the violence.  Why?

Because when students, faculty, and staff are scared or in fear when they are on campus, the human brain does not learn very well because it automatically goes to primal – fight or flight – survival mode.

If Education Leaders truly want to improve student performance, you must know what Safety really requires and you must take immediate action. (see EARLY ADOPTERS below)

If Education Leaders want to save a life or save a future, you must know the differences between Safety and Security. (see EARLY ADOPTERS below)

If Education Leaders truly want to know what they don’t know, learn what your “EARLY ADOPTER” colleagues know…

“The TIPS anonymous and discreet reporting system has received quite a number of things reported through the system that have saved young people’s lives and in other instances helped young people who were struggling. The system has paid for itself multiple times over.”

“The collaboration of the many people involved in this process has already proven that when information is obtained and acted upon – great things can happen.” 

“On today’s date, the TIPS Incident Reporting line which is an online anonymous reporting system, received its 100th tip. The tips have ranged from drug use, cyber-bullying, to unruly behavior on buses, to theft, and threats to staff and students.”

“The ‘basic goal’ has already been reached, where a tip led police to prevent a potential active shooter incident. Other tips have helped officers stop fights before they happen and intervene in drug deals. And the system has cross-checking capability that links reports about the same individual, even if they take place weeks or months apart.” 

“When I say cost-effective, if we can help one of these incidents to either be rectified or not happen, imagine.  Those are pennies really.”

“One person was arrested after the location he was staying at in the community was reported to the TIPS line. There have also been tips reported of from anonymous teens who reported concerns for friends who had been posting comments on social media concerning suicide.”

Click here now to know what you don’t know!  Education Leaders must know how to save lives, to save futures, to improve your campus environment, to stop the madness, and to stop the violence.

Even if you are scared of not knowing what you don’t know… do this for your students and do this for what you say is your number one priority!