Yes, there are stupid questions. Even though our teachers told us there are no stupid questions, there is at least one.

Is this Terrorism or Not Terrorism??

Ok, two stupid questions…

Is this a Hate Crime or Not a Hate Crime??

It is time for politicians, mainstream media, law enforcement, and others to stop with the political correctness.

When someone intentionally tries to run over people with a vehicle, knife and stab people, shoot people, murder people, bully people, harass people, abuse people, attack people, use violent rhetoric to incite people, and more…

…These are acts of Evil.

Acts of evil are committed by evil people.

Evil people are not just terrorists.

Evil people can be extremists in any religion, no religion is exempt.

Evil people can be a member of any political party and being evil for political reasons is not acceptable.

Evil people can be comedians, actors, and musicians. There are no free passes for those who spread evil.

Evil people can be whole news stations and news anchors, no free passes under the guise of “what if” news.

Evil people can be managers, employees, board members, etc.

Evil people can be students, faculty, administrators, board members, etc.

Evil people can be anyone.

The good news is there are a lot more GOOD people than Evil people.

The good news is GOOD people can win the war against Evil with the right strategies and the right tools.

The good news is some GOOD people are already leading the way in the war against Evil by equipping GOOD people (like yourselves) with the awareness and tools they need to win.

#StopEvil #WithAButterfly

It is time to stop Evil. The time for condemning and labeling Evil for political reasons has passed.

To all leaders, managers, politicians, board members, etc., stopping Evil starts with contacting Awareity today!