We have reached that time of year… the time of year when people are thinking about or making New Year’s resolutions and making positive changes for 2018.

And I want to help you make your 2018 New Year’s Resolution positive and successful!  Why?

Because since 2013 (maybe since forever), statistics reveal only about 8% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions and most fail by the second week of February!

My goal is to help everyone I know to be successful with their New Year’s Resolutions!  So let’s make your 2018 New Year’s Resolution one that:

  • Can and will be ACHIEVED
  • Will make a HUGE difference
  • Will make you and others SAFER in 2018… WHY?

The world we live in has always been dangerous, but now it is both dangerous and much more complicated.  Based on way too many horrific and tragic events in 2017 and based on multiple epidemics with community violence, workplace violence, drug overdoses, suicides, sexual assaults, terrorism, and other acts of evil… we have to do better in 2018 because children and adults are scared, frustrated, and overwhelmed… we CAN do better!

Why am I so confident we can do better?

Warning signs are almost always observed BEFORE acts of violence, drug overdoses, suicides, sexual assaults, terrorism and other acts of evil, which means proactive intervention actions CAN almost always be taken BEFORE evil doers execute their acts of violence and evil.

So let’s make our 2018 RESOLUTION to do better with Warning Signs and to contact Awareity and find out HOW the:

  • Warning Signs can be collected in a central, secure, and community-wide platform
  • Warning Signs can be immediately and securely shared with the right teams of people
  • Right multi-disciplinary team of people can immediately begin assessing the Warning Signs
  • Right multi-disciplinary team of people can connect the dots and connect the Warning Signs to see the bigger picture
  • Right multi-disciplinary team of people can use Warning Signs to intervene and prevent acts of evil in 2018

We cannot afford to allow disruptive, expensive, and tragic incidents, violence, and acts of evil to continue.

So, let’s do better in 2018… let’s work together to ACHIEVE a SAFER 2018 using Warning Signs and Awareity’s unique strategies, evidence-based tools, and proven services to make world-changing differences for all of 2018 and beyond!

Let's get started!

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