Would you prefer to REACT to an attacker at your front door? Or would you prefer to DISRUPT and PREVENT the attacker from getting to your front door?

  • At speaking events, 99.9% of people raise their hand for prevention, but is that where people are putting their energy and budgets?

How does an active shooter drill – teaching run, hide, fight – prevent the next shooter?

  • It doesn’t! We’re not saying these drills aren’t important, but how are they preventing future incidents?

How does a camera prevent the next shooter/shooting?

  • It doesn’t! A camera has never stopped a gunman.

How does a crisis or emergency response plan prevent the next shooter?

  • The keyword here, response, you’re still responding. Again, we’re not saying don’t do it, but remember these won’t prevent future shooters or incidents.

How effective is security at preventing the next shooter if kids and young adults are consistently defeating it?

  • Security is important but we need to ask ourselves if security should be the focus when so many are learning to defeat it?

How effective are armed security guards at preventing is their purpose it to respond and reduce the number of students and employees killed or injured?

  • If the goal is to reduce the impact of an evil doer by arming teachers, security guards, etc., you’re still responding.

Why did Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, FL experience nearly the same gaps and disconnects warning signs as Columbine in 1999?

  • Warning signs were observed and reported in both incidents, but we aren’t connecting the dots.

Are you taking actions that are prevention-focused or response-focused?

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