Who oversees your Threat Assessment Team(s) and prevention – CFO, Risk Management, Legal, CEO, other? No doubt they understand the importance of insurance policies for specific needs (Workers’ Compensation, Property, Errors & Omissions, Directors and Officers, General Liability, etc.). They also know the tremendous value in having an “Umbrella Insurance Policy” to cover the gaps, silos, and disconnects specific insurance policies do not cover, so your organization isn’t open to liabilities, vulnerabilities, and being sued, any of which could destroy your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Investopedia states that the added coverage of an Umbrella Policy (extra liability insurance “is most useful to individuals who own a lot of assets or very expensive assets and are at significant risk for being sued.”

What could be more expensive than the life of an employee, patient, or visitor… not to mention legal liabilities and other costly consequences?

Based on research-based data and post incident reports, nearly all organizations and communities have gaps, silos, and disconnects that result in red flags and pre-incident indicators being scattered across departments, silo systems, locations, social media, and the community. Imagine if your organization and your community had an “Umbrella Platform” that eliminated gaps, silos, and disconnects and delivered game-changing tools your Threat Assessment Team needs with saving lives, reputations, and bottom lines. Imagine how this additional coverage could benefit your organization?

Research since 2001 exposes how organizations are vulnerable to gaps, silos, and disconnects, but most do not solutions for eliminating their gaps, silos, and disconnects. We want to make sure you’re covered and less vulnerable to intervention and prevention failures and soaring liabilities.

Contact Awareity today and let’s get to the right person for risk/legal/insurability so we can help your organization connect the dots and be prepared to prevent more effectively.