Remember Ghostbusters (1984) the movie?

The Ghostbusters became heroes when they waged a high-tech battle with the supernatural after they stumbled upon a gateway to another dimension that could release evil upon the city. The Ghostbusters saved the day by zapping the gateway with their high-tech proton packs, blowing up the Marshmallow Man, and eliminating the gateway so evil could no longer enter the city.

Ghostbusters, of course, was a movie, however, in the real world today there are many parallels as organizations must zap the gaps that again and again allow acts of evil, incidents, and tragedies to enter their organizations and communities.

Movie vs. the Real World

It’s no secret that acts of evil, workplace violence, school violence, community violence, gangs, drugs, sex abuse, human trafficking, suicides, bullying, cyberbullying, and other incidents are occurring at alarming rates.  What’s especially troubling though is that even though more than enough red flags and warning signs are almost always available BEFORE the acts of evil, incidents, and tragedies still occur.

So the obvious real-world questions are…

  • Why are so many incidents and tragedies still taking place even when more than enough red flag and warning signs exist?
  • Why are so many incidents and tragedies still allowed to happen even though organizations and communities almost always have one or more teams (threat, security, safety, risk, legal, WPV, etc.) in place?
  • Why are so many incidents and tragedies still happening even though organizations and communities have invested millions of dollars for multiple security measures (cameras, locks, access controls, armed guards/officers, alarms, panic buttons, etc.)?

The answer is revealed in reverse engineering years of research and years of overwhelming evidence… it’s the GAPS (including silos and disconnects) that make proactive preventing nearly impossible given how prevention efforts are currently approached.

  • GAPS (including silos and disconnects) are the main reasons red flags and warning signs are NOT acted upon BEFORE the acts of evil, incidents, and tragedies occur.
  • GAPS (silos and disconnects) are the main reasons why organization-wide and community-wide Team Members do not have access to the critical internal and external data consisting of red flags, warning signs, leakage, investigations, assessments, interventions, and updates. This lack of access greatly affects awareness meaning Team Members cannot see the bigger picture, which leads to proactive prevention efforts to fail over and over again.

Ghostbusters saved the day in the movie by being trailblazers and the Awareity GAPbusters are saving the day in the real world by being trailblazers for prevention. We are saving lives, reputations, and bottom lines by creating partnerships with organizations and communities who are ready to utilize high-tech strategies, analytics, and award-winning tools to zap the gaps, silos, and disconnects so evil doers and attackers can no longer slip through and so at-risk people in need can be helped sooner than later (when it’s too late).

Awareity’s GAPbustsers help eliminate hundreds of common and dangerous GAPS that exist in nearly every organization and community… ready to become a GAPbuster?

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