Imagine you have a 30-minute commute to work every day, you take the same route using the same roads and get stopped by the same red lights every day.

One morning you are almost halfway to work, and I call you up and say, “Hey my friend, quick, get off the road at the next exit”.  You think to yourself, that will add 20-30 more minutes to my commute, and I do not want to be in my car for another 20-30 minutes.

 So, you ask me, “Why should I get off at the next exit?!”

 And I say, “Because I know you take this route every morning. Today I happen to be driving from the opposite direction and I saw a terrible accident two miles up the road from your next exit. Traffic is already stopping on your side, and if you do not get off at the next exit you will be sitting in traffic for a very long time.”

 Now that you know what you didn’t know and you are aware of the bigger picture you could not see before, you get off at the next exit and save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

This story is an illustration of how I can help you know what you don’t know and see the bigger picture to save you time and prevent negative and costly consequences.

Most organizations have been following the same guidelines and going down the same path trying to achieve Security and Safety for their people and their community.  However, I took a different path, a path to better understand why so many “Prevention efforts” are failing and resulting in way too many terrible incidents and tragedies as well as costly liabilities and long-term consequences.

For 20+ years I have been on this different path researching shootings, terrorism, violence, crimes, abuse, suicides, and many other incidents and tragedies. The research reveals most of the incidents and tragedies were preventable because more than enough pre-incident indicators were exhibited and observed before the incident occurred, more than enough sources existed, and more than enough resources were available.  However, because most leaders have not been down this different path and have not conducted their own extensive research, most cannot see the problems ahead of them.

Yesteryear thinking and strategies, like the daily commute scenario, are clearly not the path to be on as organizations and communities are seeing increases in shootings, violence, crimes, abuse, suicides, losses, liabilities, unwanted consequences, and more.

Using my extensive research and a new path, early adopter leaders of organizations and communities across the nation are achieving improved Prevention leading to improved Security and Safety while reducing liabilities, improving insurability, and reducing the chances of negligence related to soaring numbers and costs of lawsuits after incidents and tragedies.

So here is your chance to get off of the path that has resulted in years of failed prevention efforts and take the early adopter path of research-based and proven prevention efforts.

If you want to review my research and successes, I invite you to click around on this site and to check out my book – The First Preventers Playbook.