It is a great honor to share this press release from the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) as they are proactively bolstering safety, security, and health in their schools utilizing Awareity’s award-winning prevention platform.

I want to also recognize OSDE’s leadership for engaging with our team in in-depth discussions regarding the recurring problems that are leaving student, faculty, staff, and schools at risk to increasing shootings, violence, abuse, bullying/cyberbullying, suicides, and soaring liabilities too.

Recurring problems like pre-incident indicators are almost always available before incidents occur, but the indicators (warning signs, leakage, behaviors, history, etc.) are not being collected from scattered “sources” across the school and community. When not centrally collected, the warning signs are not securely shared with internal and community “resources” limiting their ability to see the bigger picture and act before incidents occurred. This “blind spot” problem is common in most incidents and tragedies, and Awareity is helping schools, orgs, and communities eliminate this problem.

“Community input and feedback is highly valued by school and district leaders as they make important decisions related to providing a safe, secure and healthy learning environment. This platform is a centralized, one-stop shop for reporting on these issues and ensuring accountability of taxpayer resources.” – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister

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