After most incidents (shootings, violence, hate crimes, abuse, suicides, bullying, etc.) the reports from US Secret Service, FBI, NTAC, news articles, and many others find the following:

  1. There were pre-incident indicators (warning signs, red flags, leakage, etc.)
  2. There were multiple community sources of indicators and information
  3. There were multiple community resources in place that could have been utilized to intervene

Over and over again we see these findings with shootings, violence, abuse, suicides, trafficking, bullying and other incidents too.  In fact, one NTAC report found 100% (ALL) of the 173 mass attacks in public spaces had pre-incident indicators, community sources, and community resources… but none of them were prevented because these three problems existed and were not being addressed.

Security solutions (arming teachers, security cameras, panic buttons, shot detection, access controls, mass notification, active shooter drills, security assessments, etc.) DO NOT address the three common, recurring, dangerous, and costly problems mentioned above either.

If a solution existed to reduce and eliminate the three recurring problems with pre-incident indicators, community sources, and community resources and the solution is evidence-based and has been working in the real world for over 10 years… don’t you owe it to your people to learn more about this visionary and life-changing solution for the new era?

Early adopter clients who are transforming to the new era of First Preventers and First Responders have shared these comments for their colleagues: 

If you are tired of “Watching It” (security cameras, social media, news, court rooms, etc.) and would rather be “Stopping It”, then do the right thing right now… schedule a one-on-one meeting here.

You have so much to gain if you act now before another tragedy occurs.