Would you like to know how to Prevent the next mass shooting, act of violence, and numerous other threats?

Collecting, assessing, and connecting the warning signs in order to take informed action is the key to Preventing incidents and tragedies, but gaps, silos, and disconnects leave the warning signs scattered across organizations, community members, social media, etc.

Research has proven there are 6 Stages of Preventing so Awareity designed the first ever set of evidence-based and proven tools so First Preventers (anyone anywhere) can play a vital role in helping your organization and your community PREVENT incidents before they occur.  First Preventers can help identify the warning signs and report them so the Awareity Platform can automatically and immediately notify the appropriate Team Members (organization-wide and community-wide) so they can do the right things… right away.

Ready to see the new, research-based, and proven Organization-wide and Community-wide Connecting the Dots platform with comprehensive tools for First Preventers and all 6 Stages of Preventing in action?

Recovering from an Incident or Tragedy?

Are you currently in recovery mode and need a new, evidence-based, and proven solution to not only collect information to recover but also collect information to prevent another act of violence?

View our Recovery Bundle information here. 

Gap Assessment

While most organizations have performed Security Assessments, Security is not the proven solution for gaps, silos, and disconnects.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you have a GAP Check performed by a Prevention Specialist… click here to get your GAP Check.