Implementing Awareity’s First Preventers Framework of tools and strategies is easier when you can show Return on Value (ROV) and Return on Prevention (ROP).

For Return on VALUE, consider the potential costs, pains, and consequences of incidents and tragedies when they are NOT prevented:

  • Lives Lost
  • Futures Ruined
  • Reputation Damages
  • Lawsuits and Settlements
  • Trauma and Fear
  • Lack of Trust
  • Upset Families / Friends
  • Culture Changes
  • Workplace Distractions
  • Negative Headlines
  • Regulatory Fines
  • Investigations (federal, state, legal, etc.)
  • Insurance and Insurability
  • And more…

For Return on VALUE, consider all of the benefits of Pre-Incident Prevention when First Preventers are working together (trust, safety, less fear, confidence, unity, bottom line, and more) when successfully preventing more incidents, tragedies, lawsuits, and the consequences.

For Return on VALUE, also consider how conventional approaches are almost entirely manual efforts that are overwhelming personnel and often require adding more personnel, which is only a short-term fix that does not resolve costly and dangerous problems with existing silos, gaps, disconnects, and blind spots.

Data reveals most events (see below) lead to more costs, liabilities, and unwanted consequences, unless prevented utilizing proven and advanced Pre-Incident Prevention tools and strategies:

  • Bullying / Cyberbullying
  • Workplace / School Violence
  • Domestic / Community Violence
  • Absenteeism / Truancy
  • Internal Threats / Fraud
  • Suicides / Suicidal Ideation
  • Human Trafficking
  • 24 x 7 Engagement of Resources
  • Scattered Data Across Department Silos
  • Scattered Data Across Community Silos
  • Lack of Legal Ready Documentation
  • Lack of Centralized Data for Analytics
  • And more…

Data, lessons learned, and lawsuits expose how conventional approaches have failed in preventing preventable incidents, contributing to the increases and record levels of incidents and tragedies, increasing numbers of lawsuits, soaring settlements, and many other costly consequences.

Return on Value is impressive with Awareity’s proven solutions.

Return on Prevention is more possible with Awareity’s proven solutions.

You can keep paying, praying, and hoping that costly incidents, tragedies, lawsuits, settlements, and other consequences do not happen, or you can act today and start your transformation to the new era of First Preventers AND First Responders.  Set up your one-on-one meeting today to use Return on Value and Return on Prevention to your advantage.