The Columbine Massacre in 1999 and the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks in 2001 were two significant tragedies that set into motion an era of enormous investments in responding faster and in First Responders including laws, grants, planning, trainings, tools, equipment, and much more.

Now, more than two decades later, we are seeing the urgent and critical need for a NEW ERA that involves First Responders AND First Preventers focused on pre-incident prevention.

As shootings (school, workplace, public spaces, etc.), acts of violence, political unrest, hate crimes, terrorism/lone wolf attacks, and numerous other challenges are hitting record levels, it is becoming increasingly clear that a more intense focus on Pre-Incident Prevention and First Preventers is urgently needed to empower actions BEFORE crimes and tragedies occur.

The new era of First Responders and First Preventers was also validated in January 2023 by a National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) report on 173 mass attacks in public spaces that stated the following in the conclusion of their report:

“Far too often, communities across our nation have been forced to confront the aftermath of mass violence, including injury and loss of life, and the painful grieving that follows. For over 25 years, NTAC’s research examining incidents of targeted violence has demonstrated that these acts of violence are rarely spontaneous and are almost always preceded by warning signs that are observed by family members, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, and others across the community. Future tragedies are preventable if the appropriate community systems are in place to identify and intervene when community members report these concerns, and the U.S. Secret Service stands ready to support our community partners in this vital public safety mission.”

Awareity Community System Ten Years Ahead of the Curve

The Awareity First Preventers Framework and First Preventers Platform were initially implemented in 2013.  Over the past 10+ years, Awareity’s clients are seeing impressive transformations and successes with Pre-Incident Prevention results.

Awareity also developed the data-driven First Preventers Assessment to help expose costly and dangerous blind spots, silos, gaps, disconnects, and other barriers that have contributed to record levels of incidents and tragedies and failed preventions. Awareity also offers First Preventers Coaching for forward-looking executives at schools, universities, workplaces, and communities.

Watch It or Stop It?

How many more tragedies are you willing to watch on security camera/social media videos?

How many more multi-million lawsuits and settlements are you willing to pay and deal with?

Act Now to Save Lives, Reputations, and Bottom Lines

Don’t watch and respond to more tragedies, STOP THEM. To get ahead of the curve and be a leader in the new era of First Responders and First Preventers, schedule your meeting today.

Awareity’s solutions are proven in the real world, data-driven, and offer impressive Return on Value benefits making it easy for leaders of organizations and communities to validate First Preventers solutions to get started and get ahead in this new era.