As May ended, the percentage of SPAM and junk mail jumped to 90.4 percent of e-mail.  Are your people aware and prepared to avoid and prevent risks and threats associated with SPAM? To make matters worse, the spamming techniques are successful because the e-mails are being sent from valid accounts hosted by the social-networking sites and not being spoofed.  And because the e-mails are coming from valid accounts, technology devices checking the validity of e-mail headers are ineffective as a countermeasure.  In many cases, the junk mail contains only a subject line and a hyperlink and many times the links led to social-networking site profiles. Read More →

As I mentioned in previous blogs, the new Cybersecurity Adviser will essentially be the “Head Coach” and he/she will need to create an “intelligent playbook” to lead the offense and the defense and to ensure all appropriate individuals are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Action Step 4 in President Obama’s Cybersecurity plan is: Designate a privacy and civil liberties official to the NSC Cybersecurity directorate. On paper, designating an official or officials to focus on privacy and civil liberties makes good sense, however lessons learned have clearly shown that government officials continue to look at privacy and civil liberties as too much of aRead More →