General Information Personally Identifiable Information Intelligence Information Industry Information Regulatory Information Legal Information Risk Information Customer Information Emergency Information Competitive Information Etc…. Most people and their organizations would agree they are overwhelmed by information that is spread all over in e-mails, web sites, binders, intranets, etc. BUT, most people and their organizations would also agree they are not overwhelmed by awareness, and more specifically they are not overwhelmed by Situational Awareness. Lessons learned continue to reveal that just having information is not enough.  Most of the highly publicized tragedies and incidents reveal that information in the form of red flags or intelligence or riskRead More →

  Just recently, I had the honor of presenting at the EduComm 2010 conference in Las Vegas. The title of my presentation was ‘Connecting the Dots to Improve Campus Safety’ and was selected as a featured presentation. Presenting at conferences is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I get to share ideas, successes and lessons learned with other people who are coming from many different locations and I have the unique opportunity to ask questions and learn what challenges other people face. During my presentation I asked the following questions:   How many of your organizations have a Crisis Management Plan? (Everyone raisedRead More →

  Did you see the article in the USA Today last week regarding TSA keeping a database of pushy flyers? The pushy fliers program was launched in 2007 to help prevent the nation’s 50,000 airport screeners from being attacked or threatened.  TSA officials voiced concern about passengers disrespecting screeners so they began issuing new uniforms with police style badges pinned to shirts.  According to the article, the database has records from about 240 incidents and most are screeners in conflict with other screeners and 30 incidents involve passengers or airport workers attacking or threatening screeners. Based on my experiences leaving a New York area airportRead More →