It’s no secret that hacking was on the rise even before the Russia and Ukraine war, but the war has heightened the threat and now we are seeing official warnings from the President of the United States as well as the FBI and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) and other government agencies. Unanimously, the warnings suggest organizations and communities harden their networks, which is vital, but numerous other attacks and more recent hacks at Microsoft and Okta serve as reminders that hardening your network is not enough. Why do you need additional solutions?  Because these attacks and others like them are targeting your people,Read More →

Imagine you have a 30-minute commute to work every day, you take the same route using the same roads and get stopped by the same red lights every day. One morning you are almost halfway to work, and I call you up and say, “Hey my friend, quick, get off the road at the next exit”.  You think to yourself, that will add 20-30 more minutes to my commute, and I do not want to be in my car for another 20-30 minutes.  So, you ask me, “Why should I get off at the next exit?!”  And I say, “Because I know you take thisRead More →

The First Preventers Model For Communities, Schools, and Organizations Individuals of Concern / At-Risk Individuals Exist in the Community (Soaring numbers of individuals of concern and at-risk individuals due to the pandemic, political division, the economy, job stability, race, hate, extremists, terrorism, and numerous other challenges.) Incidents and Tragedies are taking place in the Community Shootings, school violence, workplace violence, community violence, gang violence, drug violence, robberies, sexual abuse, child abuse, suicides, and numerous other incidents and tragedies. Pre-Incident Indicators Exist in the Community (Red flags, warning signs, concerning behaviors, behavior history, leakage, etc.) Interventions, Disruptions, and Prevention must take place in the Community When the right people don’tRead More →

The last 40 days or so have been fantastic!! Why? I have had the opportunity to connect with people all around the world (so many time zones!) to share visionary and proactive prevention possibilities based on my 20+ years of extensive research and successes in the real world by early adopters of the First Preventers framework and Awareity’s award-winning tools. Why is this important?  Because in the real world leaders of schools, organizations, and communities are overwhelmed with increasing fears and chaos due to increasing incidents involving violence, shootings, crimes, suicides, abuse, bullying, covid, and numerous other issues, and they are looking for something better.Read More →

 Prevention Coach, Rick Shaw, had the privilege of both attending and speaking at the annual National Sheriffs Association 2021 Conference. He learned a lot, and he is excited to share those takeaways with you as well as extend an offer to those ready to take action and address the many concerns of law enforcement and communities across the United States. Ready to get started? Don’t wait, we’ve written the Playbook and we have the right set of wheels to get you rolling. Take action today!Read More →

With both the bad guys and the good guys warning of increased ransomware attacks, it’s more important than ever that your organization and community are ready. Do you know how to prevent these attacks? No one remembers everything they learned on that one day of annual training, which is why it’s critically important that you have solutions for the other 364 days after the annual training day. The solution: Patching Your People. Request more information and a FREE Password Guide with tips & tricks here!Read More →

Federal Government agencies have released report after report (since 1999 with Columbine) pointing out the same thing, there is no profile of mass shooters. So you might be asking, how can we prevent something we can’t profile? The good news is, there is something we can profile, and that’s failed prevention efforts. If we can profile failed preventions, we can turn those lessons learned into lessons implemented. Click play to learn more, then visit the Prevention Deeper Dive to see what the 20+ years of research reveal. Ready for more? Prevention & Lessons Learned Deeper Dive A LESSON LEARNED IS KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM INCIDENTS, NEARRead More →

How many incident reporting options are available across organizations, communities, States, and at the Federal level, etc.? How many Hotlines? Apps? Text Lines? Websites? Trusted Adults? Law Enforcement? Specialty incident reporting options? With all these incident reporting options, why are so many prevention efforts failing? Click play to learn more, then visit the Prevention Deeper Dive to see what the 20+ years of research reveal. Ready for more? Prevention & Lessons Learned Deeper Dive A LESSON LEARNED IS KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM INCIDENTS, NEAR MISSES, TRAGEDIES, LAWSUITS, ETC.   KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM LESSONS LEARNED ARE JUST “RECIPES” UNTIL THEY BECOME LESSONS IMPLEMENTED THAT EMPOWER AND EQUIP PEOPLERead More →