Are security cameras making organizations safer? Security cameras have been utilized for many years and because of mounting incidents and tragedies (and growing terrorism concerns) around the world, organizations are installing more and more security cameras. As the number of security cameras have increased, are incidents and tragedies decreasing at the same ratio? Sadly, most organizational leaders are not connecting the dots with what security cameras were designed to do, can do and cannot do. Connecting the dots… A security camera’s primary function is to record what happened, record forensics that can be analyzed after an incident (bullying, workplace violence, robberies, drug deals, assaults, shootings,Read More →

Suppose some great man were to hand you an exquisite, beautifully built machine equipped with many self-repairing features. Suppose he explained to you that with reasonable care and proper handling, this machine would automatically, after about eighteen years of warming up, begin to deliver money from a slot, each week, in gradually increasing amounts for the next forty to sixty years. That the total amount delivered by this machine would not be less than two hundred thousand dollars. He might go on to say that if you really learned how to run and care for the machine like an expert, you might increase its outputRead More →

The news and sports headlines for the last several weeks have focused a lot of attention on NFL running back Ray Rice and his involvement in a domestic violence incident, as well as Adrian Peterson and his involvement in child abuse. The headlines were followed by an explosion of public outrage targeted at NFL leadership and Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings leadership. The public felt these leaders failed to make morally right decisions initially, then when caught, offered lame excuses and cover ups for their failed leadership, and also failed to mention their concerns for the victims. As social media outrage and public backlash grew,Read More →