TIPS Launch Resources

In order for TIPS to be effective, your community reporters have to know about it!

Actively promoting the reporting tool and providing ongoing awareness through posters, announcements, letters, surveys, etc. can help ensure all students, parents, staff, and faculty understand how they can play an active role in keeping your community safe. However, the most important factor in your success will be ensuring all reports are met with decisive action in a timely manner. Start improving communications and building trust with your students today!

Below are a few materials your school can use to help make students, parents, and staff aware of TIPS. Contact for .eps files of anything below and help with customization.

Butterfly Promo Materials are HERE!!!

Just follow these quick steps to launch the Butterfly Effect today!

  1. Post the Green Butterfly Icon  next to your social media icons on your website.  This makes it easy to find and reminds social media users that concerning behavior on social media can be reported to the Butterfly.
  2. Customize the Community Letter Template and share it with your community through letters, emails, local print media, and on social media, so everyone knows your community is not going to stand by and let evil win!
  3. Customize the Brochure Template to help you community understand the importance of sharing concerning behavior when it happens and reassure your community that the right people will be monitoring the situation.
  4. Customize Poster and Handout Templates to share with community members and post thorough out the communities in business, at schools, in government agency offices, to be a constant reminder that warning signs can appear anywhere, but they need to be reported to a central team that can connect the dots and take action.

Learn more about how you can be part of Awareity’s World-Changing Butterfly Effect HERE.

TIPS Icon/Button

Standard Button
Square Button
TIPS Social Media Icon

TIPS Button .gif – Download ZIP file with various ideas on how to make your TIPS button really pop!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document – Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Bookmarking TIPS on your mobile device Handout – Download PDF

Survey Samples

K12 Survey Example

Higher Ed Survey Example & Promotional Poster

Communication Templates

Parent Letter Template

Student Email Template

Faculty/Staff  Email Template

Customizable TIPS Awareness/Promotion PowerPoints

These files are great for sharing during school-wide assemblies, classroom presentations or new student orientations.

K12 Elementary Example for students

K12 Secondary Example for students

Higher Education Example for students -updated Aug. 2017

Higher Education Example for Faculty/Staff – updated Aug. 2017


Customizable TIPS Awareness/Promotion Tri-Fold Brochures

K12 Students – Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .indd file

K12 Parents – PDF File

Higher Education Students – PDF File

Higher Education Faculty/Staff – PDF File

Housing Managers for off-campus housing – PDF File

Poster Examples

Acts of Kindness  PDF File

Abuse  PDF Example

Bullying  Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Bullying – updated graphics for 2017   Example 1   Example 2   Example 3

Bullying-K12  Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Butterfly Effect PDF Sample

Bystander  Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Concerning Behavior  PDF File

Cyberbullying  PDF File

Cyberbullying-K12  PDF File

Domestic violence  PDF File

Drugs/Alcohol  PDF File

Faculty/Staff  K12 – PDF File  Higher Ed – PDF File

Hero  Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Hope  Download ZIP file with the PDF and customizable .eps file

Self Harm  PDF Example

Sexting  PDF File

Social Media  PDF File

Suicidal Ideation  K12 – PDF File   Higher Ed – PDF File

Suspicious Activity  Version 1 – PDF File    Version 2 – PDF File    Text Only- PDF File

TIPS Report Types  K12 –  PDF File   Higher Ed – PDF File  Healthcare – PDF File    Text Only – PDF file

TIPS-K12  PDF File

Weapons  PDF File

Workplace Violence   Healthcare – PDF File    Corp./Org – PDF File    Text only – PDF File


TIPS Promotional Items

Pens, mugs, bags, etc.: Available Items

Some other ways you may want to promote TIPS include:

  1. Discuss at new student enrollment
  2. Include in student handbook/information packets
  3. Announce in school/student/faculty newsletters/newspapers (Example Article)
  4. Make classroom announcements
  5. SROs can share information during classroom visits
  6. Bracelets with hotline number/website address or Stickers with hotline number/website address on buses, handbooks, etc.
  7. NEW – Have your faculty, staff and administration include a link to TIPS in their email signature.
  8. Reminders at teacher in-services
  9. Reminders at parent teacher conferences
  10. Announce at sporting events
  11. Post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) (Pinning the TIPS Button Post to your Facebook)
  12. Engage student groups (greek life, student government, FBLA, etc.)

Please let us know at if you have questions regarding any of the resources above or if you need assistance customizing these materials for your school/organization. Awareity’s team is dedicated to making your TIPS launch successful!

We also love to hear about other innovative ways your organization may have announced TIPS to your community! Let us know by emailing