“We know that post-traumatic stress and catastrophic events can cause depression. And there can be suicidal thoughts. But we really now are seeing that there’s a big risk and that’s why we want to get these kids the help that they really need to make sure that someone is looking out for them.

Usually, the first six months following an event are the scariest because it’s the most acute. But then after that, it’s anytime there’s an anniversary. And anytime that there’s something significant. But we still see that people who are affected, it can happen at any time.” – Dr. Nicole Mavrides

Warning Signs and costly consequences often extend past the initial tragedy. Often the missing solution is connecting all the post-incident data and requests for help so you can intervene, disrupt, and prevent future tragedies.

Is your current solution automatically routing reports to the correct people even after a tragedy? What about reminding you of potentially significant anniversaries and other dates? It’s time you start connecting the dots with the right tools and Awareity wants to help.

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