Acts of violence and acts of evil are increasing across the nation. Why?

The short answer points to the soaring numbers of at-risk individuals (due to increasing stressors leading to more grievances and escalations leading up to attacks).

As more at-risk individuals escalate and commit more acts of violence and evil, conventional plans, strategies, and tools are becoming overwhelmed and even less effective in keeping up with the increasing incidents and challenges. First Responders are also becoming more and more overwhelmed reacting and responding to more and more incidents and tragedies.

Reactive Prevention vs. Proactive Prevention

Reactive prevention options react and respond to an attacker who is already at or in your school, organization, or community. The goal is to minimize the loss.

Proactive prevention options focus on the pre-incident indicators exhibited by the at-risk individuals so proactive intervention, disruption, and prevention actions are taken before the individual(s) escalate and show up at your organization ready to attack – and before last resort, reactive prevention options are needed. The goal is to get help and stop the incident before there is a loss.

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